Hardee's Is Testing a New Catfish Sandwich for Lent

Published 03-21-2019

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If you're located in one lucky southern state, you can try a new test item at Hardee's. The fast-food chain is trying out a catfish sandwich, but you can only reel one in at four select Mississippi locations.

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"Hardee's new catfish sandwich is coated in cornmeal breading harkening back to the 'fish fry days' and topped with Duke's Tartar Sauce -- another southern staple," a spokesperson for Hardee's said in a press release.

For the fish itself, the restaurant chain is partnering with America's Catch, a Mississippi company that manages and maintains 600 ponds of farm-raised, grain-fed catfish. It's paving the way for the fast food chain to work with local vendors and catering to a local market.

"This is Hardee's first partnership with a local vendor as we set out to source more of our offerings from local communities," the company said.

The sandwich is being tested now through April 23 at Mississippi locations in Batesville, Olive Branch, Senatobia and Horn Lake. Prices start at $3.99, but may vary by location.

If the catfish sandwich swims its way to success, it could potentially be added to Hardee's menus for the Lenten season in 2020. Whether or not a Hardee's near you is participating in the catfish sandwich test, here are 25 things you didn't know about your favorite fast-food chains.

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